BBC iPlayer Not Working on PS5: Try This

If you own a PS5 and love to watch on BBC iPlayer, you may have recently encountered some issues with the app. A significant number of BBC iPlayer users also find themselves locked out of the streaming service, making it difficult to access their favorite shows and movies.  This technical issue is stirring a wave […]

Plex Audio Out of Sync on PS5: Easy Fix

If you’re a PS5 user who frequently streams content via Plex, you may have encountered an issue where the audio is out of sync with the video. This can be a frustrating problem that can ruin your viewing experience. There are several reasons why this issue may occur, and fortunately, there are also several solutions […]

Plex Audio Out of Sync on iPad: Solved

Encountering audio sync issues while using Plex on your iPad can be disheartening. Plex, the preferred app for consolidating movies and TV shows, enables users to stream content from their personal library. However, the frustration arises when the video and audio fail to align seamlessly, compromising the overall viewing experience. One potential cause of audio […]

Car Stream Not Working on Android Auto: Fixed

CarStream is the popular solution to watch YouTube on Android Auto and to use CarStream you should have downloaded both Android Auto and CarStream. But there are several issues that might occur when trying to use the carsteam app on android auto, sometimes CarStream might not show up on Android Auto which might not enable […]

Fixed: Android Auto not Working on Android 13

Android 13, the newest operating system release, comes packed with fresh features, visual changes, and various improvements. However, numerous users have reported issues with Android Auto not working correctly after installing the Android 13 update. This seems to be attributed to specific issues or bugs.  If you recently updated your Android device to version 13 […]

ABC Sound Out of Sync: How to Fix the Issue

Are you experiencing annoying audio-sync problems on your TV? It can be really off-putting when you see a person speaking on your television, but the audio doesn’t match their lips making it difficult to enjoy your favorite TV shows. This is very common and can happen due to various reasons. One possible reason for the […]

Fix Disney Plus Please Enter a Valid Email Address

Are you having trouble logging into Disney Plus because it says “please enter a valid email address”? This error message can be frustrating, especially if you’re sure you’ve entered the correct email address associated with your account.  There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to use your Disney Plus because of common bugs and […]

BBC Sounds Not Working on Android Auto: Solved

If you’re an Android Auto user, you might have noticed that the BBC Sounds app is no longer working on your device. This issue has been reported by many users who have updated their Android Auto to version 4.5. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to access your favorite BBC radio programs and […]

Audible Not Working on Android Auto: Do This

As an Audible user with an Android Auto-compatible car, you find its usage more convenient because Android Auto can finish the task for you to listen to Audible, hands-free and full-focused on the road. We understand how frustrating it can be when you have an issue of Audible not working on Android Auto. You might […]

Fixed: Android Head Unit Touch Screen Not Working

Having an Android head unit in your car can make your driving experience more enjoyable with its advanced features and functionality. However, sometimes it tends to be unstable. Many users are reporting issues of touchscreen not working, being unresponsive which can be dangerous while driving. If you are experiencing issues with your Android head unit […]