The Conners to Debut on The CW: Simultaneous Broadcast with ABC in Groundbreaking Deal

In a groundbreaking move, The CW has secured the rights to air the first five seasons of ABC’s hit comedy series, The Conners.

This strategic distribution deal with Lionsgate is set to commence on January 4, 2024, and marks a rare instance of a show being simultaneously broadcast on rival networks.

Viewers can catch The Conners on The CW every Thursday from 8:30 p.m. ET to 9:30 p.m., featuring back-to-back episodes starting with the debut of “Keep on Truckin'” and “Tangled Up In Blue.”

The Conners to Debut on The CW: Simultaneous Broadcast with ABC in Groundbreaking Deal

Remarkably, this doesn’t affect the show’s Wednesday slot on ABC, ensuring fans won’t miss out on their midweek dose of the beloved Conner family.

Werner Entertainment played a pivotal role in this arrangement, having signed with Lionsgate in August. The Worldwide Television Distribution Group now handles global, streaming, and cable TV rights for The Conners, showcasing the evolving dynamics of television distribution.

The CW’s decision to expand its network offerings beyond its traditional young adult demographic is evident in this move. Known for series like All American, Walker, and Superman & Lois, the network is diversifying its content to attract a broader audience.

This expansion also includes the acquisition of scripted series such as Run The Burns and Everyone Else Burns. Not all additions were met with success, as some, like Run The Burns and Everyone Else Burns, were poorly received and subsequently pulled from the schedule.

The Conners to Debut on The CW: Simultaneous Broadcast with ABC in Groundbreaking Deal

However, The CW is persistent in its efforts to diversify, adding the canceled Hallmark Channel show Ride to its lineup.

The Conners, a spinoff of Roseanne featuring John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson, Emma Kenney, Ames McNamara, and Jayden Rey, has earned its place among ABC’s top-rated scripted series.

The show’s popularity is evident, with over 4.9 million viewers tuning in for its fifth season finale. The anticipation for the sixth season, set to debut on ABC on February 7, 2024, is palpable.

In addition to its television success, The Conners is making moves in the streaming world. Available on Hulu, the series is set to enter broadcast syndication in the fall of 2024.

Multiple seasons will also join the lineup on Netflix, further solidifying The Conners’ presence in the ever-expanding realm of online streaming.

As networks continue to navigate the evolving landscape of television distribution, The Conners’ dual airing on The CW and ABC stands out as a bold experiment that could pave the way for future collaborations between competing networks.

Fans can now enjoy the Conner family’s humor and drama across two platforms, marking a significant moment in the history of television broadcasting.

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