Samsung TV Plus Expands Content Offering with A&E, Local FOX News, and Holiday Movies

Samsung TV Plus, the free, ad-supported streaming platform, is closing the year with a substantial content update, enhancing its appeal to viewers seeking diverse entertainment options without subscription costs.

Samsung TV Plus Expands Content Offering with A&E, Local FOX News, and Holiday Movies

A&E Shows Join the Lineup:

Samsung TV Plus now features channels dedicated to popular A&E shows, including renowned series like “American Pickers,” where expert pickers traverse small towns uncovering historical treasures, and “Hoarders,” offering unprecedented access into the lives of people battling compulsive hoarding.

Local News Channels for Community Stories:

In a bid to keep viewers informed at a local level, Samsung TV Plus has added access to seven local FOX news channels in new markets.

Residents of Austin, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle, and Tampa Bay can now stay updated on community stories, sports, weather forecasts, and more.

Diverse Content for Cord Cutters:

With over 330 channels and thousands of on-demand shows and films, Samsung TV Plus positions itself as a compelling option for savvy cord cutters. The platform aims to attract audiences turned off by the increasing costs and sheer number of subscription streaming services.

New Movies for the Holidays:

Samsung TV Plus has introduced a festive movie lineup, including Hallmark Movies & More airing throughout December. Lifetime’s holiday movie favorites are available until January 9, offering a selection of heartwarming films for the season.

Samsung TV Plus Expands Content Offering with A&E, Local FOX News, and Holiday Movies

Themed Movie Marathons via Movie Hub:

Movie enthusiasts can indulge in themed movie marathons through Movie Hub. From a Bill Murray & Melissa McCarthy triple feature to holiday cheer and comedic Christmas films, the platform caters to diverse tastes.

Music-centric movies and an action-packed “Chase-mas” marathon provide additional entertainment options.

Extensive Range of Genres:

The content expansion on Samsung TV Plus covers an extensive range of genres, from survival series like “Alone” and historical exploration with “History 365” to intense rehearsals in “Bring It!” and epic battles in “Forged in Fire.”

Samsung TV Plus continues to evolve as a go-to platform for free, diverse, and ad-supported content. With the latest additions, it offers a comprehensive streaming experience, appealing to those seeking a wide array of shows and movies without the burden of subscription fees.

Whether it’s uncovering forgotten treasures, exploring local news, or enjoying holiday classics, Samsung TV Plus strives to cater to the varied preferences of its audience.

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