Disney+ and Hulu Apps Now Merged: What You Need to Know About Missing Content

In a significant move this week, Disney+ and Hulu have officially merged their apps, allowing Hulu content to be accessed within the Disney+ platform.

However, users have observed that certain Hulu content is currently absent in the Disney+ app, raising questions about the implications of the ongoing beta phase.

Disney+ and Hulu Apps Now Merged: What You Need to Know About Missing Content

Where to Find Hulu in Disney+?

Hulu is now featured as its own category within the Disney+ app, positioned alongside popular sections like Star Wars and Marvel.

By clicking on the Hulu icon on the home screen, users can log in to their Disney+ accounts and seamlessly access their Hulu subscriptions.

Missing Content in the New Disney+ and Hulu App

While most Hulu content is already integrated into the Disney+ app, it’s important to note that Disney has labeled the app as “beta.”

This indicates an ongoing process where content will be gradually migrated to Disney+ until all on-demand content is consolidated in one place.

Hulu + Live TV Stays Independent

Contrary to the merger, Hulu + Live TV remains a standalone app. The integration into Disney+ is specifically for on-demand content, highlighting a strategic separation between the two services.

Disney+ and Hulu Apps Now Merged: What You Need to Know About Missing Content

Why Hulu in Beta on Disney+?

The beta phase for Hulu on Disney+ is expected to continue until March 2024. During this time, users can continue using the existing Hulu app, but the full merger will unfold gradually.

Post-Merger Future of Hulu

As of now, ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ will continue to be offered as individual subscriptions. Disney CEO Bob Iger stated, “While we continue to offer Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ as standalone options, this is a logical progression of our DTC offerings.”

The aim is to provide greater opportunities for advertisers and offer a more unified streaming experience for bundle subscribers.

New Bundle Deal in the Horizon

Reports from The Wall Street Journal suggest that in March 2024, a new bundle deal featuring Hulu and Disney+ content will be launched.

Disney hopes to attract 150,000 new subscribers and generate substantial revenue through this offering. The specifics of this bundle, including potential live channels from Hulu + Live TV without ESPN+, remain unclear.

The Future of Hulu and Disney+

While the merger progresses, the long-term status of Hulu and Disney+ as separate services remains uncertain. Even after Disney’s complete acquisition of Hulu, both platforms may continue to operate independently, offering viewers a variety of streaming options.

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