DUO Broadband Ceases TV Services Due to Soaring Programmer Costs

In a recent announcement, DUO Broadband, a local cable TV provider, revealed its decision to terminate both traditional cable TV and streaming TV services.

The primary reason cited for this move is the “extreme price increases from programmers,” making the operation of TV services financially unsustainable for the company.

The termination process will unfold in two phases, with streaming TV services coming to an end on January 4, 2024, followed by the discontinuation of traditional cable TV on December 31, 2024.

Customers residing in Kentucky counties served by DUO Broadband will be directly affected by this decision.

In a statement posted on their website, DUO Broadband acknowledged the changing landscape of TV delivery and expressed the necessity to adapt.

DUO Broadband Ceases TV Services Due to Soaring Programmer Costs

The company emphasized that the decision to phase out TV services was driven by the exorbitant costs imposed by programmers, making it unfeasible for DUO Broadband to continue offering these services without passing on substantial price increases to their customers.

DUO Broadband highlighted alternative options for affected customers, suggesting a transition to popular streaming services such as Hulu, Fubo, Sling TV, or YouTube TV. Additionally, customers can explore satellite TV services as viable alternatives.

The company acknowledged the challenges posed by extreme costs associated with cable TV systems, maintenance, and facilities.

The prospect of continued, significant price increases to cover these expenses would have burdened their customers.

DUO Broadband pointed out that larger national providers possess better negotiation leverage, enabling them to secure more favorable programming rates and subsequently offer lower rates to consumers.

This development adds DUO Broadband to the growing list of small cable TV companies forced to shutter their services due to economic constraints.

It follows recent industry trends where other providers, including Comcast, have announced price increases, creating a ripple effect that impacts consumers and prompts them to explore alternative TV service options.

As DUO Broadband bows out of the TV service arena, customers are urged to navigate the changing landscape using resources like the MyBundle Streaming marketplace to discover and choose the best-suited alternatives for their continued TV needs.

This decision underlines the evolving nature of the TV delivery industry and the challenges faced by smaller providers in navigating the complexities of rising programming costs.

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