YouTube Premium Price Increase for Grandfathered Users Set for January

In a recent update, YouTube has confirmed that grandfathered users of YouTube Premium will face a price hike starting January.

Originally announced in July, the price increase for individual YouTube Premium subscriptions raised the monthly fee by $2 to $13.99 for both current and new customers.

YouTube Premium Price Increase for Grandfathered Users Set for January

However, users grandfathered through Google Play Music and/or YouTube Red were granted an extension, allowing them to maintain their existing rates for at least three extra months before the impending price adjustment.

This grace period was an acknowledgment of their loyalty, with YouTube assuring that the increase wouldn’t take effect before December.

As this timeframe draws to a close, grandfathered users currently paying $9.99 or even $7.99 will see their monthly subscription fee increase to $13.99.

The decision, according to YouTube, is aimed at sustaining ongoing improvements to the Premium service and providing continued support to the creators and artists on the platform.

YouTube had previously announced the introduction of new Premium features in mid-November, promising users “new features and exclusive benefits” to enhance their content experience. The impending price hike aligns with these efforts to further elevate the Premium service.

For users considering alternatives, YouTube has provided the option to manage subscriptions, allowing them to make informed decisions about their continued Premium membership.

YouTube Premium Price Increase for Grandfathered Users Set for January

In an interesting development, it has been noted that some grandfathered YouTube Premium members who use YouTube Music are encountering an unusual “Upgrade” tab in the bottom bar.

Typically reserved for free users or those on trial periods, this anomaly appears to be a bug causing the promotional tab to display for paying customers.

As YouTube implements these changes, the platform is also rolling out the price increase internationally, impacting Premium users beyond the United States.

The decision to raise subscription costs emphasizes YouTube’s commitment to the continuous improvement of Premium services and its dedication to supporting the diverse array of creators and artists that contribute to the platform’s rich content ecosystem.

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