WhatsApp Strengthens Chat Security with New Features

WhatsApp has recently taken significant steps to enhance the security of its platform, focusing on protecting users’ private chats.

In May 2023, the messaging service introduced Chat Lock, an added layer of security to ensure the confidentiality of personal conversations.

However, the initial implementation had limitations, primarily relying on phone biometrics or screen locks.

WhatsApp Strengthens Chat Security with New Features

Now, WhatsApp is rolling out improvements to Chat Lock, making it more functional and user-friendly. Users can now long-press on a conversation and select the “Lock chat” option instead of navigating to the Chat info screen.

This streamlined process simplifies securing private chats.

One notable enhancement is the introduction of a secret code functionality for locked chats. Previously, access relied solely on device fingerprint or PIN/pattern authentication.

With the new update, users can set a unique password, including emojis, to access the Chat Lock folder. This provides an extra layer of security, giving users more control over their private conversations.

To address concerns about accessing locked chats easily, WhatsApp has implemented a more discreet method.

Previously, a simple swipe down from the chat list window revealed locked conversations. Now, users can hide locked chats behind a secret code, accessible only by entering it into WhatsApp’s search bar. This makes Chat Lock a stealthier and more secure feature.

These improvements were first noticed in late October and have since been swiftly rolled out to the public.

Considering WhatsApp’s widespread daily use for sensitive and private conversations, these enhancements are crucial for maintaining user privacy.

It’s important to note that, like regular WhatsApp conversations, all chats hidden using Chat Lock are end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp Strengthens Chat Security with New Features

Additionally, they are backed up to Google Drive when users upload their WhatsApp chat backups to the cloud, ensuring data integrity and security.

WhatsApp has been proactive in adding new features to its platform regularly. In October alone, the messaging service introduced multi-account support, passkeys integration, improved text formatting, and more.

The recent addition of email address verification further demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to providing alternative access methods for users unable to receive incoming messages.

To benefit from these Chat Lock improvements, users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest WhatsApp release for Android. If the features don’t appear immediately, users may need to wait a few days or weeks for the rollout to complete.

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