Uncertainty Surrounds LocalBTV as Website Resumes While Service Remains Offline

LocalBTV, the free live TV streaming service, is facing a period of uncertainty as its website makes a comeback, but the streaming service itself remains inaccessible.

The hiatus comes after over a month of downtime, attributed to financial difficulties leading Didja Inc., the parent company, to actively seek new investors or a potential buyer for the struggling platform.

Despite the website’s return, a message greets visitors, explaining the temporary suspension of services since November.

The note expresses apologies to viewers and channel/station owners, promising a resolution to the situation in the near future. This development raises questions about the status of LocalBTV and whether new owners have taken charge.

Uncertainty Surrounds LocalBTV as Website Resumes While Service Remains Offline

Adding to the intrigue is the emergence of a new company, Apple Pie Films, LLC, which recently launched a Roku app under the LocalBTV name.

Strikingly, this app lacks the channels that were once synonymous with LocalBTV. Complicating matters further, Apple Pie Films, LLC, is not listed on the official LocalBTV website.

The critical question remains: Has LocalBTV been sold? Unfortunately, clarity is elusive at the moment, as the staff behind LocalBTV has not responded to inquiries, and Didja Inc.’s website remains inaccessible.

LinkedIn profiles still list employees of Didja Inc. as active, though the last updates on social media for both LocalBTV and its parent company may date back several months.

Amidst the uncertainty, the fate of LocalBTV hangs in the balance, with the company exploring options for new investors or buyers. A potential lifeline exists in the form of an add-on option for a DVR, aimed at generating much-needed funds.

Despite reported interest from several potential buyers or investors, the company faces challenges in closing any deals, exacerbating the ambiguity surrounding its future.

As stakeholders eagerly await further developments, the current status of LocalBTV leaves viewers, channel/station owners, and employees in limbo.

The only course of action for now is to wait and see if a new investor or buyer emerges, determining the direction of LocalBTV’s future in the increasingly competitive streaming landscape.

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