Discover What’s Streaming on Apple TV Plus in December 2023

As the year draws to a close, Apple TV Plus is gearing up for December with a lineup that strikes a balance between holiday cheer and diverse entertainment.

Discover What's Streaming on Apple TV Plus in December 2023

The streaming service, known for prioritizing quality over quantity, is set to introduce eight new shows and movies. Let’s dive into the highlights of what’s coming to your screens this festive season.

1. Frog and Toad Christmas Special

Kicking off the holiday-themed content on December 1, Apple TV Plus presents the Frog and Toad Christmas Special.

For those who fondly remember the Frog and Toad books from childhood, this animated series, starring Nat Faxon as Frog and Kevin Michael Richardson as Toad, brings the beloved characters to life.

The Christmas Special, based on the short story “Christmas Eve,” promises to be an excellent choice for family viewing.

2. The Snoopy Show Christmas Special

If Peanuts holds a special place in your heart, you’re in for a treat with The Snoopy Show Christmas Special (Happiness is Holiday Traditions).

Premiering on the same day as Frog and Toad, this animated children’s show continues the holiday theme. As a follow-up to last year’s special, it adds a touch of Peanuts magic to the festive season.

3. Shape Island Winter Special

Adding a blizzard of holiday fun to the mix, the Shape Island Winter Special: The Winter Blues joins the lineup on December 1.

This stop-motion animated TV show, based on the Shapes picture books by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, extends the well-received first season with a winter-themed episode. Gather the family to celebrate Yeti Night with Square, Circle, and Triangle.

4. Spirited

For those who enjoy a musical twist on a classic, Spirited makes its return to Apple TV Plus. Originally debuting last holiday season, this musical comedy retelling of A Christmas Carol arrives as a sing-along version.

With Will Ferrell as Ebenezer Scrooge, Ryan Reynolds as Clint Briggs, and Octavia Spencer as Briggs’ assistant Kimberly, it offers a festive option for holiday gatherings.

5. John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial

Breaking away from the festive theme, John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial is a three-part docuseries delving into the shocking assassination of John Lennon.

Narrated by Keifer Sutherland, it explores the events surrounding Mark David Chapman’s fateful act on a cold winter night nearly 43 years ago. This gripping series is set to premiere on December 6, offering a different perspective amidst the holiday specials.

6. The Family Plan

Injecting a dose of action and humor, The Family Plan arrives on December 15. Starring Mark Wahlberg as Dan Morgan, a former assassin turned family man, this popcorn flick promises laughs, hijinks, and action.

Morgan embarks on a family road trip while dealing with threats from his past, providing a lighthearted break from the holiday specials.

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

While not a new addition, A Charlie Brown Christmas remains a timeless classic. Available on Apple TV Plus, this beloved special featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang can be streamed for free from December 16-17. It’s a nostalgic journey for those who cherish this heartwarming Christmas tale.

8. Sago Mini Friends New Year’s Eve Special

Closing in on the holiday season, Apple TV Plus brings an animated treat for the little ones with the Sago Mini Friends New Year’s Eve Special. Premiering on December 22, this show, based on the popular children’s app, follows Harvey the dog, Jinja the cat, Jack the rabbit, and Robin the bird in “New Year’s Steve.”

Join them as Harvey makes a wish to stay awake until midnight, adding a touch of whimsy to the New Year.

9. Killers of the Flower Moon

While not confirmed for December, there’s speculation that Killers of the Flower Moon might make its debut on Apple TV Plus as early as December 4.

This Martin Scorsese film, based on a true story, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, with Lily Gladstone delivering an impressive performance. If released in December, it would undoubtedly be an early Christmas present for movie enthusiasts.

As Apple TV Plus continues to curate its content with a focus on quality and diversity, December 2023 offers a mix of holiday specials, family-friendly animations, gripping documentaries, and potential blockbuster films.

Whether you’re in the mood for festive cheer or a captivating cinematic experience, Apple TV Plus has something for everyone this holiday season. Stay tuned for a month filled with streaming delights.

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