Apple Progresses Toward Complete Phase-Out of iTunes with Latest Moves

In a decisive step towards bidding farewell to iTunes, Apple has introduced a revamped interface for its Apple TV app.

The company announced the update on Monday, revealing that users of its various iTunes stores on the Apple TV box, iPhone, and iPad will now be redirected to the Apple TV app.

This development marks a significant milestone in Apple’s ongoing effort to eliminate the last remnants of iTunes.

Originally launched in 2001, iTunes revolutionized the music industry by enabling users to rip CDs, store music, and later purchase tracks, catalyzing the widespread adoption of digital music.

Apple Progresses Toward Complete Phase-Out of iTunes with Latest Moves

Over the years, iTunes became a central hub for media but faced mixed reviews as it grew bloated.

The major transformation occurred with the release of macOS Catalina in 2019 when Apple dismantled iTunes as we knew it, separating different types of media into distinct apps.

Despite this overhaul, the iTunes name persisted in various apps across Apple hardware, allowing users to buy music, movies, and TV shows.

However, Apple’s recent move signals the end of iTunes Movies and iTunes Shows apps, as users are now prompted to explore the new Apple TV app.

Messages within the iTunes Store app indicate the transition, notifying users that iTunes TV Shows is moving, redirecting them to the revamped Apple TV app for future purchases, storage, and viewing of shows and movies.

Apple clarified that this isn’t a complete sunset for the iTunes Store, emphasizing that users can still purchase music through the iTunes app on iPhones and iPads.

Nevertheless, with the increasing prominence of Apple Music and the growing trend of subscribing to music streaming services over buying individual tracks, the fate of the iTunes name remains uncertain.

Apple Progresses Toward Complete Phase-Out of iTunes with Latest Moves

As Apple continues to streamline its services and rebrand its media offerings, the recent updates underscore the company’s commitment to evolving its digital ecosystem.

The transition away from iTunes signifies a paradigm shift in how users engage with and consume digital content, aligning with the dynamic landscape of the music and entertainment industry.

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